Southeast Region Director's Reports


  • Keston Cook, Regional Director

July 2021

Ada Regional - In the process of getting an IFE on their Apron Expansion Project. Bids expected in the July timeframe with an expected started date in August. 45-47 day estimated completion time. Recent runway seal projected completed by Ada Public Works. Created a new Airfield Status Board which can direct contract works to their worksite faster to reduce manhour costs.

Antlers Municipal - Getting ready for a seal coat project, followed by getting engineering reports for runway drainage.

Ardmore Municipal - Dan Luttrell, the Industrial park manager, has taken over for Chase Tindle as the manager for Ardmore Municipal. Bids have been received on the Runway 13/31 rehabilitation. They got back good numbers on the bids and are hoping to get the alternates approved as well.

Broken Bow Airport - Has 5 new T-hangars but access with pavement to only 3. Is in the process of trying/build funding to get the access to the other 2 paved.

Crazy Horse Municipal - City is meeting in July to either surplus/sell the airport or lease it out. City is considering partnering with the private owned public use grass strip located south of the city. Looking for grants available to improve grass strips.

Healdton Municipal - Crack seal project completed recently, finished under budget and are looking at possible projects to do with the remaining budget.

Sallisaw Municipal - Just finished a drainage repair project. In the process of finishing up a 10,000-gallon JetA storage tank project. Currently has some private hangar construction going on.

Stigler Regional - Recently completed a ramp and entrance road rehab project. Recently built 12 new pad sites for future hangars. They are considering starting JetA fuel sales and their next upcoming project is to replace the runway lighting.

Talihina Municipal - Recently completed a project putting a new rotating beacon up as well as a lighted windsock and are looking at building new box hangars.


  • Chase Tindle, Regional Director

Oct.   2019
July 2019
Ardmore Downtown Executive – Finished new concrete apron for T-Hangar complex; planning to move and replace AWOS III-PT this fall

Ardmore Municipal – New R&D Tenants on East side of airport; planning to move and replace AWOS III-PT this fall

Atoka – Working with Choctaw Nation on UAS projects

Idabel – Finishing Taxiway project, 5 weeks from completion, New AWOS to be installed next March

Poteau – Local Group coordinating Fly-In for September

Madill – New Taxiway Project Underway, bids opened and awarded, coordinating with contractor on start date

Hugo – Partial Parallel taxiway started about 1 month ago, Federal Project, finished by the end of summer

January 2019

Sallisaw – LED PAPI light replacement starting Monday.
Poteau – New PAPI, Runway and Taxiway lights (Federal Funding). Starting within the next few days.

Madill – Taxiway project starting to attach South end of runway to hangars

McCurtain County – Finishing South half of the Taxiway project, North half complete, CAA membership

Broken Bow – Working on Taxiway Project (Weather Delays), Bid out for T-hangar project in March

Holdenville – Working on Federal grant for Runway Resurfacing

Ardmore Municipal – Crack Seal complete on Taxiway Bravo

Ardmore Downtown Executive – New hangar doors on City hangar, Controlled Access at Front Entrance

October 2018

Wilburton – Just approved for a grant to improve and extend the apron

Talihina – Updating Airport Master Plan

Sallisaw – PAPI light replacement LED.  Finished within the next 2-3 weeks

Poteau – New PAPI, Runway and Taxiway lights (Federal Funding). Hoping to start in 4-6 weeks

McCurtain County – Working on Parallel Taxiway Project (Federal Funding)

Coalgate – Sealing and Painting Runway (Locally Funded)

Broken Bow – Finishing OAC Taxiway Project (Hope to be finished within the next three weeks)

Ardmore Municipal – Crack Seal and Seal Coat on Taxiway Bravo, Aerial Survey Completed (OAC Project)

Ardmore Downtown Executive – New hangar doors on City hangar, Controlled Access at Front Entrance

January 2018

Ada-      New Apron construction will be completed this month, so the new terminal will be in use by earlyFebruary. Lots of bulldozer work just completed removing obstacles and clearing the perimeter fence line.

Ardmore Municipal-       Control Tower renovation is complete. Taxiway project is also completed, and we are getting ready to begin a hardstand project.

Ardmore Downtown Executive-      We will be putting a new roof coating on the FBO and city hangar within the next few weeks.

Atoka - just widened their runway from 40 ft. to 60 ft

...No other reports.

October 2017

Ada-   New Apron construction in progress

Ardmore Municipal-          OAC grant project approved yesterday by the Commission for two concrete hardstands on our apron.  Control Tower Renovation underway, expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Ardmore Downtown Executive-            Underground Fuel Storage Tanks were removed a couple of weeks ago. Recently purchased FOD Boss for FOD control; so far very happy with its effectiveness.
…No other reports

July 2017

Ada-                            New Apron to be poured this summer

Ardmore Downtown-    Has a new rotating beacon

Ardmore Executive-      Taxi A complete by end of July; Control Tower complete by Sep/Oct

Canadian-                      In process of leasing to private firm for management

Colgate-                         Temporarily closed. Changing from turf to paved runway

Poteau-                          Has a new airport manager, Rossi Chrisenberry

Sulphur-                         Runway overlay in August


OAOA Report January 2017

Ada-  New apron to the new terminal, runway changed from 17/35 to 18/36, resurfaced runway, new LED lighting, Chickasaw Nation new hangar.

Antlers- Microseal and striping completed, final phase of fencing project

Broken Bow- Looking to build new hangers and a new taxiway in the future.

Coalgate- Paving of runway complete needing to tie in one taxiway connector still, New hangar is complete with a third hangar ready to start construction, working on a fencing project.

OAOA Report April 2016

Ada- Runway 17-35 is getting runway lights and will be repaved after the lighting project is complete. Looking at a June start date. Working on constructing a new road to the new terminal building. AWOS is not working by telephone but is working by radio. Airevac is looking to build a new hangar.  Leachco is building a new hangar.

Antlers- Scheduled to do a micro seal and restripe in June.

Broken Bow- One of the hangars onsite is getting electric ran to it and it is having new sheet metal put on.

Coalgate- Paved its 3950’ runway. Working on getting runway lights. Runway will be closed until about June.

Durant- has 10 new t-hangars going up and has an airshow April 16-17.

Idabel- Nothing to report.


I did not receive calls back from several airports this month.  Sorry for the short report.

January 2016

I won’t be able to attend the meeting tomorrow due to meetings here at work that I need to attend. Here is what I have so far as my report with hopefully more to call back.

Ada- Bids have opened for crack repair, lighting, and paving on runway 17/35. Terminal is now complete and waiting on an access road to be built as well as parking lot.

Antlers-  Nothing to report

Ardmore- 2.5 million Control tower renovation done without use of grants. Runway 17/35 sealcoat, Alpha taxiway rehab and design. Working on an 8000sq ft warehouse.

Broken Bow- Nothing to report

Coalgate- Runway paving near completion.

Sallisaw- Completed a new taxiway for more hangars.

Sulpher- Finished a taxiway and parking lot overlay project. Working on an overlay project of the runway for next year. Updating fixed based aircraft as well.

Wilburton- Finished out a sealcoat and crack seal  grant waiting on an LED windsock to be installed.


Ada—Work continues on new terminal building with a completion date of May 1.

             Three new projects are in the design phase- runway light rehab, safety area improvements, new ramp design.

             A new privately owned hangar project is underway.

             A new ALP is being drawn and will be submitted to the FAA.

             Working on location plans for a 100LL self service fueling system.


Antlers--  Fencing project continues.


Ardmore—Working on about 21000 lineal feet of fencing project.


Broken Bow—The pilot lounge has been reroofed and siding has been replaced and the contractor should start work on the inside in a few weeks.

                              Still working with OAC and the contractor to work out some issues with the runway rehab project.


Coalgate--  Applied for grants for a fencing project. There has been a recent issue with hogs on the runway rooting for grubs.

                       Electric and water lines have been placed for a new hangar that has started construction.


Durant--  Would like to have more runway.


Headleton—Nothing to report.


Idabel—Waiting to open new parallel taxiway. Contractor is finishing up some punch list items.

                  Good fuel prices!!


Poteau--  One new hangar under construction which now makes 3 new hangars at the airport.

                    They have completed their ramp project





Ada- The airport terminal project is underway. The foundation was poured on 10/8 and steel should be going up this week. One private hangar project is underway. Foundation should be dug and poured soon. Replacing the roof on 20 hangar units with new sheet metal, replacing bad sheet metal on the doors and replacing all door seals. The EAA Ford Trimotor tour was a success. There was approximately 15 flights over the three day event. Unattended fuel truck parking plans were approved by the FAA and construction should start soon.

Antlers- Nothing to report.

Ardmore- Nothing to report.

Atoka- Applied for a grant for new hangars.

Broken Bow- Planning remodel of lounge. Painting beacon soon.

Coalgate- Pouring taxiway concrete to new hangar and public hangars. Runway has been extended to 3900’.

Durant- Applied for grant for runway overlay.

Idabel- Finishing paving north half of parallel taxiway. Should be open next week. Still need to seed and cleanup before opening.

Madill- working on a pilot lounge. Looking for furniture.

Tishamingo- DEQ has set up an air quality monitor at the airport. No effects on the airport.


Roger Moats
OAOA Southeast Regional Director
Airfield Maintenance Supervisor
Tulsa Airport Authority


JULY, 2014

The airport terminal project should begin soon.  The City is waiting on the environmental clearance from the FAA.

This year’s AIP project is a design grant for runway 17/35 rehab, runway 17/35 LED runway lights, safety area improvements, and the ramp extension to coordinate with the new terminal.

57 aircraft on the field. 

Nothing new to report

Broken Bow
Just completed a pavement project and striping. Council will vote Tuesday on a new roof and siding on the lounge. Looking to paint beacon. They also have lease agreements in place to track number of based aircraft. September looking to hold a “Wings and Wheels”  car show and fly in. No date as of yet.

Choctaw Tribe would like to see runway extended as well as the airport. New ramp going in on the south end of the airport. Civil Air Patrol is there his week doing training.

Had several comments on how great the airport is looking. They have inmate labor doing some of the work. They have banked money for the last 4-5 years to do a taxiway project which is now underway . The north half is being done right now with the rest at a future date.

Just completed a ramp project that started around October of this past year.

Just renewed lease with Ft. Smith Aviation as the FBO on the airport. They provide minor and major maintenance, annuals, oil changes and pilot lessons. Sallisaw has about 27 based aircraft on the field and about 300 operations per month.


Roger Moats
OAOA Southeast Reagional Director
TAA Airfield Maintenance Supervisor