Planned Airport Infrastructure Projects in Danger Amid Consolidation Talks at State Capitol

vic bird portrait  Vic Bird, Director, Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission, gave a presentation at the January 20 OAOA Quarterly meeting in which he described the financial support that OAC has given to the Oklahoma Airport System and how future funds might be in jeopardy.  Director Bird further pointed out that the State Airport System received little in State and Federal funds before OAC separated from ODOT in 2002.  Now it appears that some legislators are proposing that OAC and its funds be again joined to ODOT allowing those funds to be used for purposes other than airports.

Director Bird urged aircraft owners and pilots as well as airport managers to contact their local legislators and ask them not to consolidate OAC with ODOT.

Click below for his power point presentation:

Presentation to OAOA on Jan. 20, 2016