Thanksgiving 2016

The first Thanksgiving took place nearly three hundred years ago. Since that time in 1621, almost without interruption, Thanksgiving has been kept as a day to be thankful for all God has given us whether in good times or bad. At this time children and grandchildren return home, the long table is spread, and brothers and sisters, separated often by many miles, again sit side by side.

Today Thanksgiving is observed in the United States as a season of sweet and blessed memories of that first thanksgiving.

Digging Deeper into the Origin of Thanksgiving...

Learn more about the origin of Thanksgiving by getting to know the people at this first Thanksgiving even better.

Do a little research on each person below, then you can impress your family with all your knowledge this Thanksgiving!

Governor Bradford

Elder Brewster


Mary Chilton

Mary Allerton

John Howland

Elizabeth Tilley

John Alden and Priscilla Mullins

Peregrine White

Captain Miles Standish

Jack Billington

John Carver

Rose Standish

Dorothy Bradford