Conference History


Attendees and speakers were sent a link to the conference website. If you have not already received a link, please contact OAOA president at

Due the continued COVID-19 pandemic, the OAOA board and conference commitee has decided to host the annual OAOA conference virtually this year. It will take place April 6th-8th. 


Annual Conference: Cancelled

When:      March 29 - April 1, 2020
Where:     Hilton Garden Inn
                 135 NW 2nd Street
                 Lawton, OK   73501

2020 Conference Agenda
2020 Speaker List & Bios


When:      April 28 - May 1, 2019
Where:     Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center
                 200 W. Albany Drive
                 Broken Arrow, OK   74012

AGENDA for 2019 Joint Conference
OAOA Speakers for 2019 Joint Conference
Photo Album Part 1
Photo Album Part 2
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Airport Registration Form
Cortporate Registration Form
Honorary Member Registration Form

Sponsor and Exhibitor Information Form

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Donation Request Letter

Current OAOA Officers
President - Pat Hurley - LAW
VP - Lance Lamkin - OUN
Sec - Paul Priegel - SWO
Treas - Gary Johnson
Exec. Dir - Jan Williams
Alt. Dir. - Austin Helms -SWO
Corp Dir - Joe Sober - KSA
Ex-Officio - Grayson Ardies - OAC
Regional Directors
Central - Nick Young - OUN
Northeast - Roger Moats - TUL
Southwest - Daniel Adams - AXS
Southeast - Chase Tindle - ADM
Northwest - Drew Saffell - MKO

Past President - Eric Winn - GCM
Airport of the year - South Grand Lake Regional - 1K8
Airport Manager of the Year - Brent Howard - 1K8
Atta Girl- Stephanie James - Delta
Atta Boy- Paul Priegel - SWO
Corporate Champ - Bart Gilbreath - Garver
Pioneer Award - Barbara McNally
Haritage Award - Bob Williams
President's award - Jenny Lott - Mead & Hunt
Honorary Member - Gary Johnson
Honorary Member - Walt Strong



When:      April 28 - May 1, 2019
Where:     Hyatt Regency
                 Tulsa, Oklahoma

100 East 2nd Street, Tulsa, OK, 74103



2018 Conference Program
2018 Conference Speakers

Conference Power Point Presentations
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Airport Planning and Priograming
AWOS Presentation
Women In Aviation Day
Aviation in Tulsa
EIS Presentation
AIP Eligibility
Grant Financial Management
Briefing for Oklahoma Airport Operators Association
Megger Testing Basics ELEG 1001L (to be added ASAP)
Oklahoma Air National Guard     (to be added ASAP)

2018 Conference Photo Album

Current OAOA Officers
President - Eric Winn
VP - Pat Hurley
Sec - Lance Lamkin
Treas - Bob Williams
Exec. Dir - Jan Williams
Alt. Dir. - Barbara McNally
Corp Dir - Bart Gilbreath
Ex-Officio - Grayson Ardies
Regional Directors
NW - Paul Priegel
NE - Roger Moats
Central - Blake Green
SE - Yancy Wood
SW - Chase Tindle

Past President - Lisa Jewett
Airport of the year - Okmulgee Regional Airport
Airport Manager of the Year - Gary Utley
Atta Girl- Jenny Lott, Sandra Shelton
Atta Boy- Scott Keith, Derek Blackshare
Corporate Champ - Garver
Pioneer - Dale Williams
President's award - Kelly Fincannon
Honorary Member - Jeff Hough
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When:      April 23 - 26  2017
Where:     Atherton Hotel
                 Stillwater, OK

   ...Conference Agenda Link...

...Conference Speakers - Link...

Conference Power Point Presentations
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Instrument Approaches to Your Airport - Ron Sanders & Tim House

FAA Privatization - Steve Hadley & Tim Jamison

Oklahoma Aviation Economic Impact Study - Barb Fritsche

Airport Compliance - Gary Loftus

FAA / OAC Grant Assurances -Victor Bird & Grayson Ardies

Oklahoma State University President Hargis Remarks

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2017 OAOA Conference Photo Album - 1

2017 OAOA Conference Photo Album - 2

2017 OAOA Conference Photo Album - 3

We had an awesome time in Stillwater!
A very special Thank You to Kristy Slater,
Jan Williams and the entire
2017 conference committee.

...Super Job -  Very Well Done...

..."See everyone in Tulsa 2018"...

Current OAOA Officers

President - Lisa Jewett

Vice President - Eric Winn
Secretary - Pat Hurley

Regional Directors: 
Lance Lamkin - Central
Greg Murray - Northwest
Roger Moats - Northeast
TBA - Southwest
Yancy Wood - Southeast
Corporate Director - Garver
Congratulations to our 2017 Award Recipients
Corporate Champ            -  CEC, Toby Baker
President's Award            -  Schellon Stanley
Pioneer Award                  - Robert (Bob) Williams
Airport of the Year             - Stillwater Reg. Airport
Airport Mgr. of the Year      - Gary Johnson
Past President's Award      - Kristy Slater
Atta Girl                               - Schellon Stanley
                                            - Molly Fitzgerald
                                            - Jenny Lott
                                            - Amanda Chilson
                                             - Jan Williams
Atta Boy                               - Toby Baker
                                             - Lee Williams
Scholarship Awards             - Blake Green
                                             - Lance Lamkin





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DATE:  APRIL 17 - 20, 2016

                         2801 State Highway 9, East
                         Norman,  OK  73071-1197



PROGRAM:                    OAOA 2016 Program   


Power Point Presentations:   (Please be patient, some of these are long and take a while to load.)

                                                A Spill Plan that Works, Michelle Barnett, P.E.

                                                S3 Security Task Force, Brian Johston

                                                S4 Deicing ELG and EA'S, Derek Blackshare

                                                S4 Changes to OK Permit OKR05, Tom Knudson

                                                S4 Tanks Above and Under Ground, Sadie Robb

                                                S5 Navigating the AIP, Glenn Boles

                                                S7 Challanges Moving Forward, James L. Grimsley

                                                S8 Reimbursable Process, Grady Cunningham

                                                S9 Compliant Airport Leases, Bob Johnson

                                                Taking the Fight to the Enemy, Chuck Debellevue (Col. USAF Ret.)

                                                FAA Strategic Priorities, Kelvin Solco

                                                S3 Air Marshall Service, Tony Roda                                              








DATE:  MARCH 8-11, 2015

Location :  Hyatt Regency Downtown Tulsa Hotel

Power point presentations from conference (click on title)
 Airport 20 to 1 Approach Surface ppt



The 2013 OAOA Conference held  April 8, 9, and 10, 2013. 



DATE:  April 10-13, 2011

 5750 Will Rogers Road
Midwest City, OK, 73110