FAA Safety Seminar (Free) @ Sundance Airport

Sat, Jul 19, 2014 10:00am
 It would be nice if every airport operator in the state would send an instructor to represent their airport.


Background;  On July 27th the FAA will be publishing numerous new Air Traffic Procedures for Oklahoma City  We have assembled persons from several Aviation Specialties to help bring all Oklahoma Pilots up to date on how to fly these procedures. The volunteers are from FAA Flight Inspection, FAA Terminal & Enroute Procedures, and Air Traffic Control.  All of these persons are volunteering their time and expertise to developing a short training program to be taught by attendees at their airports.
For more information and to register for this FREE training go to:
It is not an over statement to say, there is no place in the country to go for more professional training than these FAA specialist are going to give us(FREE).  If there are any questions, contact me. 
Harry L. Weatherford
Precision Flight LLC