Regular Airport Membership
- Full Membership in OAOA shall consist of Airports rather than individuals. The airports shall all be public use airports. Persons representing the member airport may be Airport Board/Authority/Commission members, responsible government officials, elected officials of municipalities or counties who own or operate public use airports, airport managers/staff and department heads who are in direct employment of an airport owner. A member airport shall have one vote in matters of the OAOA, but may send as many persons to a meeting as they desire, with one person delegated as a voting delegate and one other as an alternate. Only Regular Airport Delegates are eligible to vote.

Corporate Membership - Any corporation or commercial enterprise having an interest in this organization and/or in the airport and aviation industry is eligible for membership. Corporate members do not have voting privileges.

Associate Membership - Associate membership shall be open to those individuals and non-commercial, institutional and government organizations supporting the aviation industry in the State of Oklahoma. These memberships will include Individual, Governmental Employee and Military categories.  Associate members shall not have voting privileges. 

Private-Use Airport Membership - Non-voting memberships are available to private-use airports whose representatives want to participate in the training, latest developments and interaction with other airport managers.

Honorary Membership - Honorary membership shall be offered to those individuals deemed appropriate by the OAOA Board of Directors. Honorary members shall not have voting privileges.

New Members - All new members shall be subject to the following conditions: a) Sponsorship by a Regular member in good standing; b) Completion of the application form.

Membership Assistance Scholarship Program...
The OAOA encourages all airports with financial need to apply for the Membership Assistance Scholarship.
Scholarships are based on availability of funds and the recommendation of the OAOA Education and Scholarship Committee.